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Table 5

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Questions were:



  • What technologies are most effective at enabling networked enquiry?
  • What are the possibilities of using the internet to facilitate the production of knowledge?
  • Would it be possible today to do IBL without web 2 technologies?



The learners

  • IBL: is it for everybody?  Is it the type of learning that makes a difference or is it the type of session?
  • Is IBL more suited to some subjects than to others?
  • How do we structure IBL so that it works for everyone?


Barriers for some students are fear of unfamiliar assesment methods and the prospect of their overall degree classification being brought down .





  • How does the space in which IBL occurs impact on the learning experience?
  • How might our different institutional contexts affect our understanding of IBL?




The Big Question(s)

  • Why are we here?  What are we trying to do?







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