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Table 17

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Delegates on Table 17 (The BUTTERFLY GROUP) at the opening plenary are invited to record their thoughts here. 


Would have been good to record images drawn during plenary within the WIKI rather record via text.


As a student (a butterfly): I see IBL as research in specific problems through:



Using technologies

Having a network

Managing the information

Answering Questions

Deciding Own way of Study

Self Directed study


  (by Jin Tan)


Technology, spaces & collaboration. Teacher as facilitator.


 (by Nora Agustero)


Debate on role of facilitator - non contributive or fully engaged as peer.


 (by Connie Metille)


Academic librarian:

Tree of knowledge - growth/history

Flower garden of knowledge - network

Cross - Pollination Bee as teacher & student

How to provide information to students in light of google.

Books - technology


 (by ?)


Point of view of teacher & librarian:

Teacher as facilitator

Learning based on the passion of students

And also their own learning styles and preference.


Teacher of Engineering:

Footsteps students can continue alone after walking with teacher initially

Walking side by side as learners

talk to each other and experts willingness of students to engage

Independent learning


 (by ?)




Questions reduce as reach end point

Students growing as a learner within peer group.


  (by ?)


Educational Developer (supporting academics):

Doesn't want bored students

Driven concept of a sustainable world (global perspective - citizens have responsibility in the world)

EBL should be holistic, interdisciplinary



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jint said

at 6:14 pm on Jun 25, 2008

Hi members, nice to meet you in opening session. We are in the same table and discussed the idea of "for me, inquiry-based learning conjures up...". I uploaded the pictures, could you please add your name in if you don't mind, and add in more ideas if you like .... (Jin)

Sabine Little said

at 6:19 pm on Jun 25, 2008

Hi there, you will find that all the pictures were kept for posterity - check out the Flick account (see link in the sidebar on the right) :o)

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