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Table 10

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Delegates on Table 10 at the opening plenary are invited to record their thoughts here. 


Inquiry-based learning involves groups of people, communication, networks. Puzzled people, then perhaps understanding. 

Inquiry beginning from the inside, then reaching outside.

Communities. Technology.


Questions, different disciplines, different interests.

Breaking down barriers.

You don't understand your own ideas until you explain them to someone else.


'A question addressed collaboratively'

Understanding what's been learnt as opposed to just knowing it,learning through the inquiry process.


'Constructive tension', resolving differences. 

Addressing a question collaboratively is not always easy. It can be difficult to address differences in approach (to inquiry) 

Tree: roots of IBL in 'traditional' education, new branches and new leaves always growing, birds symbolising new ideas brought from different institutions/disciplines.

HARD WORK!! New learning/teaching methods can be really hard work to implement/understand.


Scaffolding first years during EBL module - students with hardly any previous experience of IBL/EBL. How can you help them to build confidence to inquire?

Resistance to new technology from the institution. (social networking etc, needs academic focus)

How can the library support IBL?

Information literacy skills, using IBL to educate.

Time constraints, and lack of opportunity for library staff to assess/monitor students.

Managing group work positively.

Limited resources.

Technology 'taking over' slightly - how can you teach a technology-based module without students getting carried away with the technology elements, and forgetting the actual importance of the module or course in an academic sense?

Issue for institutions in terms of supplying places to study - group work spaces etc.

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