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Table 1

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Delegates on Table 1 at the opening plenary are invited to record their thoughts here.


Hello, we're Table One.....


Duco van Oostrum

David Hodge

Yasmin Farooq

Eva Nordmark

Christina Gummesson

Brendan Stone

Bob McKay


ltea conf tablecloths_8156




Eva - a question mark - curiosity/ questions/ the art of questioning.  HOT questions - questions gather in intensitym - a process of questioining - from cool questions to hot..... inquiry as a process which gathers momentum


Christina = mirrors, process, questioning - new Qs in different colors - emotions are involved in the inquiry - all enquiry requires reflection - producers - process


Yasmin - student in a bubble - fustration and inquisitive - half way between


ltea conf tablecloths_8154


David  - a bridge - a journey over a bridge - new understandings- ignorance - to knowledge


ltea conf tablecloths_8155


Bob - in the students' heads - inquiry as demolition and rebuilding - walls - challenge to prior knowledge - demolish the wall to rubble - starting agai - rebuilding a new and differemt wall -


Duco - clasroom opens up - windows - walls fall away - suffering - real people in one window - guests - encounters - an outside window - the word outside - no boundaries -


Brendan: a man encountering the world but also looking in a mirror: in soc sci and arts for any inquiry to be effective the researcher has to inquire about themselves, otherwise their current misunderstandings might impinge upontheir new encounters with the world

ltea conf tablecloths_8159


 Questions and comments - focuses of inquiry:


How to fuse reasearch and IBL?


Do we all mean same when we talk about IBL?


An antidote to the bureaucratisation of learning?


An antidote to institutional models?


How to deal with time constraints?


What are the institutional barriers to IBL?


Non-IBL Teachers STEAL opporirtunities for their studentsd to develop. Discuss!


A non-top down model of IBL - IBL growing from the bottom up......


Is the term 'IBL' hindering its own adoption...?


Are we willing to question our own practices?  Our selves?


What institutional barriers are there to IBL?


Celebrate the Messiness or  Finding the Answer?


The value of peer review?  How to 'sell' peer review?


Inspiration? Motivation?

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