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LTEA2008 in Second Life: What does IBL mean to us

Page history last edited by Sheila Webber 14 years, 5 months ago

In the opening session of the LTEA2008 conference track in Second Life, delegates first of all broke into two groups. Both were discussing the question "what does Inquiry Based Learning mean to me?"


The first (larger) group was facilitated by North Lamar. North has made some comments in his blog here: http://educatorscoop.org/blog/?p=52


The chatlog (transcript) of the larger group's discussion, and the merged talk at the end of the session, is here: http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=305


This is a photo of the blocks etc. that the group played with to illustrate their ideas:


Model of Inquiry Based Learning


The discussion (see the chatlog linked above) included consideration of what elements were important in IBL, examples of IBL, and (as in the real life conference) the place of scaffolding - the extent to which students should be supported in IBL activities.


This is a picture of the discussion taking place towards the end:


LTEA2008 in SL


The smaller group discussion at the start focused on the differences between Inquiry Based Learning and Problem Based Learning, and on the healthcare context. The chatlog is here: http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=307 and below is a picture of the discussion underway.


Discussion on IBL


The main page for the Second Life track is at About LTEA2008 in Second Life

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